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Residential Window Installation Contractor Maple Grove, MNWindows can provide great lighting, refreshing breezes, and more. If your windows are starting to warp or crack they allow cold winter air or hot summer air to come into your home, raising your energy costs and putting more wear on the appliances and HVAC system in your home. Repair costs can add up, which is why you should replace your windows as soon as possible. When you need experience on your side, we are here to help. For over 20 years, we have been giving our clients exceptional service with our window installations. We are committed to providing you with innovative options in design, technology, and craftsmanship with every window repair and replacement.

“…We had them replace our roof, all of our windows, and the siding on the other 3 sides of our house in late 2020/early 2021. Nick B. is great to work with because he listens, knows the products, and makes sure the work is done as promised. Laurel in the office takes care of any little issues that come up during or after the installations. Lastly (and most importantly), all roofing, window, and siding crews were extremely skilled, professional and willing to talk about things as they did their work. Just a fantastic company to work with and would highly recommend.”

– Erin S.

Find your style from many different window options, allowing you to make your house feel more like home. Our windows are guaranteed to last and exceed every standard for energy efficiency and insulation. Every window has their frames and sashes fused with double insulation glass for security and beauty. Together, we’ll be able to find the right choice to keep your family safe and your house beautiful. You can choose from our many window options:

Sliding Patio Doors
Picture & Specialty Shape Windows

We Proudly use these products:

Richlin Window

SMA We Install Energy Efficient Windows Year Round Maple Grove MN. For over 22 years SMA has been your Twin City metro area energy efficient window contractor.

Andersen Windows

Watch SMA Exteriors install beautiful Andersen Windows.


We proudly recommend and install Andersen windows and doors and Richlin windows, custom made for your home in Hayfield, Minnesota! Each window is custom made for your opening. Choose from vinyl windows, wood windows, picture windows, bow/bay windows and many other options. Richlin by Hayfield has a made in the U.S.A. window for you!


Sample Window Types

Vinyl Window Shape

Vinyl Window Shape

Add character and a personal touch to any room or home. We can create almost any unique vinyl window shape or design you can think of. Let your imagination run wild.
Colonial Window

Colonial Window

The classic colonial window style. Both top and bottom sash open vertically for controllable ventilation and tilt inward for easy cleaning of the exterior panes from right inside your home. No more squeegees and ladder climbing. Also available in single hung style, where only the bottom sash operates. This option reduces cost without significantly changing the appearance of the window.
Slider Window

Slider Window

Both sashes smoothly slide horizontally and can be tilted into the room to allow for easy cleaning of the exterior panes from inside the house. The perfect window style for locations where an out-swinging window would interfere with landscaping, walkways, patios and decks. Also available in single slider style with one fixed and one operating sash. Fewer moving parts withstand the test of time.
Bottom Swing Window

Bottom Swing Window

Swings out from the bottom, allowing fresh outside air to come in, even when its raining. Our triple sealing system makes this window especially water and air tight. Lots of glass area provides an aesthetically pleasing view. Let the sunshine in.
Hinged Sash Window

Hinged Sash Window

Hinged sash swings to the outside like a door, providing maximum ventilation. Our triple sealing system makes this vinyl window a very energy efficient style. Easy to operate, easy to clean. Open your home to the great outdoors.
Minimum Frame Window

Minimum Frame Window

Less frame and more glass make these windows your best pick for a picture perfect view. Ideal for innovative window combinations since they are easily coupled with any other window style.
High Profile Frame Window

High Profile Frame Window

Distinctive, high-profile frame and lots of glass make these windows your best pick for a picture perfect view. Ideal for innovative window combinations since they are easily coupled with any other window style.
Bay Window

Bay Window

Add dimension and depth to any room. Often used to replace flat windows because they visually enlarge the rooms appearance by providing a wider field of view. Add character and provide a focal point in any room.

Installation Year Round

We can install your new custom windows ANY time of year!
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Your patio or deck isn’t complete without a great sliding door. If you’re looking to install a sliding patio door, we have options that will look great and fit your budget. Our experts will help you get what it needs using many years of experience with residential and commercial windows and sliding doors.

Some of the issues we assist with:

  • Loose screws can cause the sliding door to come out of position. With a simple fix or replacement, we can get your door sliding smoothly and efficiently.
  • Dirt and debris can build up and cause problems. We will get to the small, hidden areas of build-up to clean and fix your sliding door so it opens and closes smoothly.

A poorly functioning sliding glass door can be a huge nuisance. It may impact your ability to access to the outdoors and prevent you from enjoying your patio. If you need an expert to fix or install your sliding patio door, we are here to help.


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