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The siding of your home is important to keep you safe. With LP Smartside, there is more to it. They are committed to sustainability through their labor and their products. Every product is made using their environmental initiative to reduce emissions, waste, and water use. Not only that, every siding product is made to be durable with engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style. SMA is certied as an LP Master Level Installer

LP SmartSide Products

Lap Siding

LP SmartSide lap siding offers a sleek look with fewer seams between the siding planks. Each plank is 16 feet long for easy installation. It is versatile and available in different colors, widths, and textured finishes to create a custom look to liven up your new or remodeled home. This can also complement homes that originally have stucco, stone, and brick.

LP Smartside lap siding

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shake siding from LP SmartSide is more durable from using sustainable engineered wood. They offer shakes with reversible edges to give you either a straight or staggered look for customization. These cedar shakes can be used as full siding and decorative accents. If you’re looking for charm, character, an affordable alternative to real shake siding, and easy maintenance and upkeep, LP SmartSide has what you need.

LP Cedar Shakes Siding

Panel & Vertical Siding

Similar to lap siding, the panel and vertical siding from LP SmartSide has fewer seams with 16 foot long planks for stability and faster installation. This siding combines all the warmth of traditional wood with the durability and protection from engineered wood. Vertical layouts also provide an easy way to clean the siding and reduce water damage and buildup behind the panels.

LP Panel & Vertical Siding

House Trim & Fascia

With house trim and fascia from LP Smartside, you can customize and complete the appearance and curb appeal of any home. With fewer seams and lengths up to 16 feet, the trim and fascia will look seamless. Customize your trim with a smooth or textured engineered wood siding and many color options.

LP House Trim & Fascia

Soffit Panels

Available in vented and non-vented, LP SmartSide sot provides you the ventilation you need and the look of wood you want. It’s the perfect alternative to metal vents and provides airflow and insect resistance to meet most international building codes. With the same engineered wood that made their siding famous for beauty and durability.

LP Soffit Panels


With accessories from LP Smartside, your home will have clean corners. The pre-primed one-piece corners provide a way to create corners easily and help prevent water intrusion. Even light textures and outdoor water faucets are protected from the elements with beautiful, rich cedar-grain texture J-blocks and mini-splits of many sizes.

LP Accessories


From the siding to the trim, LP Smartside treats their engineered wood to protect your home from the elements better than ever. Every product is treated using their SmartGuard process to strengthen the materials and make your siding last longer throughout the seasons.

LP SmartSide Engineered Wood with Smart Guard Treatment Infographic


ExpertFinish® by LP SmartSide is available for every product in 16 pre-finished colors to treat the siding, making it last and look great for a long time. Both the primer and the finish are from the same supplier, making the color consistent and vibrant.

ExpertFinish® by LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide Provides One Of The Most Durable & Sustainable Sidings In The US

LP SmartSide Advanced Durability

Advanced Durability

Engineered wood technology oers superior protection against the elements.

LP SmartSide Has Fewer Seams

Fewer Seams

Can result in a cleaner, more elegant look.

LP SmartSide Has An Industry-Leading Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty.